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Wooden Incense Holder

My wooden teak pod is hand turned then stained to show the lovely wooden grai n. Each one is unique being handturned in Malaysia. I then drill holes in the top and bottom to allow t he fragrance to waft out into your spa ce.
I love to watch as the air captures th e scent – you can see the smoke danci ng in the breeze.
And best of all this wooden pod keeps all the ash from the incense cones getting onto your gorgeous surfaces and furniture.

Please note that I have not included incense cones as each individual person loves their own fragrance.

When you buy your incense cones they will co me with a little metal disc which you can just pop on the bottom of the pod inside. Then simply place your cone on that before lighting it. Remember to always blow out the flame after you light it so the cone burns more slowly filling your room with scent for longer.

My incense orb comes in a classic white gift box.



My beautiful wooden Teak pod is great to hold incense cones keeps all the ash from getting everywhere.

Incense cones not included as each individual person loves there own fragrances to burn.

When you buy your cones they will come with a little disc just pop that inside on the bottom of the pod for your cone to burn securely.


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