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Stunning Indoor & Outdoor Tropical Cushion Covers for Australia

Create your own at home paradise with our inspired tropical cushion covers designed and made in Australia. My tropical cushion covers collection features natural and organic fabric materials with elegant touches of warmth and serenity. Give your indoor or outdoor space a fresh new look by adding a few of these throw pillow covers and enjoy the revitalised and relaxing ambience. My range will help you create a tropical villa-like environment at home.

How To Choose the Perfect Cushion Covers For Your Decor Setting

The right cushion covers can pull together all of the decor pieces in your area and convey harmony to a once busy or mismatched room. Selecting the proper cushions for your room is often very difficult and it is easy to get it wrong. I’ve given some thought to my top three points to help guide you through the process of choosing the perfect cushions for your living or outdoor room.

1. Design & Colours
Choosing the design and colours is one of the most important steps in your process in choosing the perfect cushion themselves. If chosen carefully, your cushions can bring all the details in your space together to make a trendy tropical and harmonious look.
My cushion covers are inspired by tropical designs and are perfect for indoor and outdoor decor settings. For a tropical touch look for a design that includes the colours of the tropics – think light sky blue and deep ocean green or for something lighter, a seafoam green. Sand and golden glints, or pops of colour in patterns including tropical patterns are another great options. Whatever you choose, ask yourself if it reminds you of a relaxing day by the beach or around a resort pool – if the answer is YES, then you’ve found the right cover.

Looking for a cover that is reversible with different patterns or patterned and plain sides gives you more flexibility with your overall design. It also allows you to change the look easily and you know that you can match multiple cushions together to blend perfectly.

2. Sizes
Think about the dimensions and shape of your cushions. If you prefer to keep your fabric selection simple, you can add variety and interest by using different sizes of cushion with the same patterned covers. On the other hand, if you are excellent at identifying and sticking to your colour & design theme, you can make different patterns fit together.
I always recommend starting with the standard size cushion inserts of 45 x 45 cm and 50 x 50 cm as these cushion inserts are easier to find and are readily available in most major department stores. 

If you want specific sizes in any of the fabrics shown in my collection, please get in touch and I can give you customised quoting if an alternative size is possible in that fabric.

3. Materials
Mixing up the fabrics in your cushion collection can add depth and texture to your living room. Varied textures can enhance the existing colours and patterns used in your existing decor scheme. Making sure your cushion covers look good against your sofa cushions is equally important. Think about the effect of your fabric choice and the way it complements your room interior.

If you’re looking for outdoor cushions, then my UV Stabilised 100% polyester cushion covers are a perfect fabric choice. Those covers will hold their shape and colour even when used outdoors. I have chosen my outdoor cushion fabric as it is water resistant, fade resistant and is easy wash and dry. For the longest-lasting use the covers are best removed from direct sunlight and elements when not in use.

Transform Your Home’s Look With My Tropical Cushion Covers - made in Australia

Cushions aren’t just comfortable- they’re a crucial style component when decorating your home. They can be one of the most striking visual pieces in your room. Better of all cushion covers can be changed easily whenever you would like to refresh the design of your living room.

Organising a set of cushions in your room is an art. It magically changes your space to at make it more relaxing and cozy as well as being visually appealing. Layer your existing plain cushions with our tropical design patterns or look to add a different texture cushion to bring out your home’s paradise.

If you’re interested in really amping up the resort feel of your home have a look at my Designer Resort Wear collection. I love bringing the tropics to my home which is why I’ve designed my range of tropical cushion covers – add some to your indoor or outdoor space today and reminisce of past trips or future destinations near the beach.